What You Need to Know About “The Husel”


So you’re the artist formerly known as Musiq Soulchild, tell us about this transition into BEing The Husel.

Well It’s not really a transition. It’s an addition. I’m not upgrading Musiq Soulchild, I ain’t touching Musiq Soulchild; he’s over there somewhere. The Husel is just something new, that’s it. It’s like this is my second album so to speak.

Do you think that your fan base will see it as a transaction & a difficult one at that?

Yeah, pretty much, and it is. But I keep trying to give yall the heads up. It’s like ok, you’re used to eating chicken & if someone gives you soy chicken, and you’re like, this don’t taste like chicken. And it doesn’t BEcause it’s not real chicken. You have to appreciate it for what it is. Musiq Soulchid is MusiqSoulchild, and The Husel is the Husel. The two have nothing to do with each other.

Who are some of The Husel’s insprirations BEhind this rap album?

That’s the other thing. The Husel is not a rapper. I keep having to say this. The rap culture is something completely different from what I’m doing. It’s not rap music, it’s not trap music, this is “husel” music. It’s just the soundtrack for everybody’s that’s out there on their hustle. That’s all that’s happening. People just want to do what they want & call it what they want, but I’m ok with the people talking about it & bringing attention to it.

So are you prepping a full fledged Husel album?

Yup. People think this is like a publicity stunt or something, but I’m an artist, I’m a creative person & you guys just so happen to know me as one thing, but I BEen crying about this my whole career…man I want to do something different, but people would always say, “man how you gon do that, you’re already a brand…just stay in your lane”, I just decided to make another lane.

Will the true Musiq fans get the opportunity to see Musiq vs The Husel on certain tracks?

I wouldn’t do that, but I know the people are going to want me to do that. To me it doesn’t make any sense though. It’s two different lanes, something completely different. If people keep trying to compare them, they’ll never get it. Just appreciate them for what it is, and people will dig it.

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