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Trayvon Martin

Man, I’m just realizing how much this situation in Florida has affected me. I have been pissed all day. It’s Omadu Diallo all over again, but this time it’s not cops, but a FUCKING neighborhood watch member…a fucking citizen! Where in the world can a citizen just shoot another citizen on some gang “get outta my hood” ass shit and get away with it? In Florida. It isn’t just Florida either. A year ago a similar thing happened in Baltimore. A Jewish neighborhood watch member attacked a black youth walking home, and wasn’t charged. In Texas about a year back a young black man, who happened to be the son of a baseball player, was shot in the stomach, in front of his home, after being falsely accused of stealing his father’s truck. The message being conveyed as loudly and as clearly as theses men’s hate, is that if u are a black male on the streets of America u can be accosted, harassed, attacked, or killed, and NO ONE WILL DO SHIT ABOUT IT! Black people, if there has ever been a more opportune time to come together and shake shit up in order to inflict change, by any means, it is now. It is time to withdraw our love and good faith from a system that doesn’t love us, and put it into ourselves and our own self preservation. We were fooled into believing things would get better with the election of a black president, when in actuality things have gotten worse… far worse than I could ever imagine. Pray for the Marin family, in addition, pray that next time it isn’t YOUR FAMILY
L.DUB (Larry Lamont Walker) an angry black man, who is lucky to be alive until some paranoid racist kills him and gets away with it!

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