Who is Ryan Leslie


Who is Ryan Leslie

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“Who is Ryan Leslie?” That’s the question many of my family and close friends asked me when I told them they needed to be on the look out for this new artist. In all fairness, Anthony Ryan Leslie (drop the ‘Anthony,’ and his stage name is Ryan Leslie) has been in the music game for a minute – behind the scenes producing some of the greatest hits for singers such as Beyoncé, Danity Kane, Britney Spears, Diddy, Snoop Dogg, Katharine McPhee, New Edition, and LL Cool J – just to name a few of the people he’s done work for! This dude is no idiot either – as he attended Harvard University at the age of fifteen and graduated at nineteen with a degree in Governments and Economics! (Cha Ching!) But back to what were talking about today, this Harlem native’s self-titled debut album, Ryan Leslie. I know you’ve had to hear his radio singles Diamond Girl, Addiction featuring Cassie and Fabolous, and How It Was Supposed To Be? Those of you who have heard them already know that the album is a ‘musical orgasm!’ Those of you who haven’t… thank God for YouTube! Look, there are very few artists who can capture my attention at first bat and make me re-play their album ten times in a day. This is one of the few exceptions. Ryan Leslie (the album) is packed with jam, after jam, after jam.

One of my favorite tracks already are You’re Fly – which for some reason reminds me of the Little 5 Points neighborhood in Atlanta on a nice Saturday Spring day. It’s a light a breezy song where he’s telling a chick about how pretty she looks and why she needs to kick it with him. Another great track is Valentine – which is just in time for the holiday! It has an element of Prince (the singer) in it, yet Ryan does his own rendition. Look, all I have to say is play this joint on Saturday night and I bet you it will ‘go down’ faster than a Yung Joc video! Just Right is another track I enjoy that has a sick beat to it. It has a neo-soul yet rock sound to it. And my favorite joint off the album is a track called Gibberish. It’s exactly what the title says, but for some reason I love the song. The beat has almost an element of snap music mixed with slow jam R&B to it and it is definitely a song that should be saved for after eleven p.m. – get your minds out the gutter!

Overall, this is a great compilation of music that Ryan not only performed, but also produced himself. You know they say “good things come to those who wait” – well the wait is over people so go cop this album today and get ready for a ‘musical orgasm’ that your ears are going to love!

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