Why Michelle Williams is FELA’s Leading Lady


Michelle Williams kind of has a way of just wooing your heart. Just seconds after we connected our call, she was embracing me with terms of endearment like “thank you darling” and “bless you baBE…”. We caught Michelle right BEfore her Atlanta leg of the FELA World Tour, which is currently making a 16 week round in the United States. The musical is slated to make it’s was to Moscow, South Africa, and has already BEen to Nigeria. The play is touching the hearts of many people around the world, and that’s something that really sits deep in Michelle’s heart.

If you’ve never seen FELA, Michelle wants you to know exactly why it’s a must see stage play. “We know that music inspires and it moves people, so that’s what’s going to naturally draw you; but then the message of love and politics, I think it’s a great mixture and balance of the two. The dancing, and the drums…I tell you, it still moves me every night. I always tell people that one night I’m just want to run on stage during a scene that isn’t even mine, it’s just that powerful. The costumes, the singing. I’ve seen it twice; I saw it in London and I saw it on Broadway. It’s just that worth it.

Michelle is no stranger to blessings, and receiving “that call”, but we had to get a firsthand feel for how it felt to get the call about BEing a part of FELA. “I felt so good that I pushed my album back, the recording process. I said, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I HAVE to do FELA; I HAVE to do it. And I know it’s BEen around a few years already, but I said I’ve gotta do this show. I rearranged life completely, and I’m glad to BE in a position to BE able to do that. I now the laBEl wasn’t too happy BEcause they want this album out, but just give me a couple more months and the album will BE out.

Michelle was also selected to BE a part of The Color Purple stage play when it was making it’s rounds. “Each show has BEen different, FELA is so intimate. No two shows are the same. The Color Purple had some great people backing it, as well as FELA with Jay, Will Jada, and QuestLove it brings some different attention to the younger people. They have the chance to see these people BEing interested in it and they say, oh if they’re interested, it must BE something that I should see.

Michelle enjoys every aspect of the show FELA but credits her favorite part to the dancing that takes place, and the fact that she gets to BE around such great talent that inspires her night after night.

Follow Michelle Williams on Twitter @RealMichelleW and @FELAmusical to see where in the world you can catch the show. Visit http://www.felaonbroadway.com to purchase tickets

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