Women’s OuterWear Autumn 2012

I have never been one to hop the “trend-wagon” by shopping according to what’s hot at the moment. I’ve always found myself looking for staple and Stylistic pieces that build a wardrobe versus items that are disposable or just in for a season. I guess I find it easy being a man and having limited choices when it comes to trends anyway. However, when it comes to the wonderful choices in womenswear, it’s virtually impossible not to follow suit or at least take a short ride. Designers have been revisiting trends for years now by reworking, sprucing up, and embellishing the looks that once flooded our streets and retail racks.

This Autumn fashion choices are nothing short of ideal for the season. Clothiers will be full of monochromatic garments, belted peacoats, furs in all hues and cuts, color blocked, chic military pant suits, wools, and the list goes on. But one thing that I know for sure; The couturiers know how to make you feel like their garments are worth you investment and are wearable for more than just this season.

Here are a few of my choices for this season’s style trends and should BE mereley an influence to the purchase of staples pieces in you wardrobe for years to come. Of course, I don’t expect my readers to take me literally and shop ‘til you drop but you must add a little something in your price range to you wardrobe.

(All items are from Burberry Prorsum Autumn 2012, Burberry.com)


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