Women's Wear – Summer Faux Pas

     In celebrating the Art of Fashion, the summer months will lend themselves to the creative whims of fashion designers and trend forecasters as the dictate what is the next hot item to hit retailers and eventually make a presence on our streets. This is the time of year, we get celebrate real body shapes hoisted in a strappy stiletto sandal, accessorizing the gorgeous patterns of a free flowing Chiffon dress. The moment many of woman have been waiting for is upon us – as they are excited to shed those layers of winter garments and reveal what the world has been missing, a great figure. But not all women have the self confidence to embrace their figures and show off their best asset. Some hide under oversized T-shirts, baggy shorts, and oh the so popular unflattering crocs. Others just think the “fashion memo” they received was spam, hence some of the most offensive summer fashion mistakes. It is quite easy to get lost in the transition, but then again, it is just as easy to make the right/smart fashion decision.

Here are a few notes to making a seamless transition into the summer months with great fashion choices:

1. Do not rely on trends – These are items that will be purchased because you saw it on a celebrity or because all of your girlfriends are wearing it. It is an item that does not add to your wardrobe but strictly enhance staple pieces. You will know a trend by simply asking yourself, “Can I wear this in two years and it still be fashionable?” If your answer is, NO, then that is a trend item. Nothing is wrong with loving a trend but it is just that, a trend. It will fade away. If the item does not fit your personal taste when trying it on then it should probably stay on the racks (i.e. the low rise jean).  

2. Buying clothes that fit – Do not attempt to purchase clothes that are one size to small or two sizes to big. This will only bring attention to areas that you are attempting to hide. When purchasing pants that takes you longer to get on than they do for you to pay for them, its probably not a good choice to buy them. You want to make sure that you are comfortable and exude confidence in your fashion choice. If the item does not fit your natural or enhanced body type then you will be uncomfortable wearing it.

3. Do no buy clothes on impulse – Now this is something that we are all guilty of, including men. For example, your favorite store is having an amazing sale and you have a purse full of discount coupons and credit cards points to blow. So you head out to see what the fuss is all about, in search for great deals. Sometimes, you will find those items that you’ve been eyeing from a previous season or an item on that folder page of your women’s magazine and its okay to purchase because you have thought about it. But on that day when you see something and you grab it just because it’s a great deal, that is when you want to think again. Impulse buying has never been a good idea because you could end up getting what you do not need, or worse, you could end up buying lousy items with poor quality.


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