Y’all Play too much! #Grammy 2014 Spoofs

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards went off with some of the most talked about appearances, performances, and even the first – ONE LOVE – marriage ceremonies in the history of television. But of course, you know this day and age would not BE complete without social media geniuses flocking to their photo shop to make their mockery or pay homage to their fave artist. There are even Instagram and Twitter profiles dedicated to these artists; Talk about infatuation.

The Mother of Everything Style and The Queen of the Juniverse, June Ambrose, took to her Instagram to celebrate the win of Jay Z and their long term styling relationship.


Of course BEyonce’s lack luster performance (not my words) and her wet -n-wavy bob were all the buzz!


Pharrell’s ViVenne Westwood – Buffalo Hat, an homage to Malcolm Mclaren, were the most talked about..

But Kendrick Lamar, Daft Funk, Keyshia Cole, nor Kayne did not escape the radar……

Enjoy… It’s all in fun.. No One is Safe !!

(BE Magazine by no means endorses the mockery or BEhavior, but it is our duty to report on ALL media, #NoShade & #Shade)

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