YC – Racks on Racks on Racks

“Racks on Racks on Racks”…  Arguably one of the hottest lines out on the radio & in the club today.   The song “Racks” was produced by Sonny Digital, & has such an infectious BEat that it’s hard to not join in the forces in grooving to the joint. Yung Chris, better known as YC, hit the scene hard with this club banger.

The amount of radio play that the record has received is amazing.  When an artist makes a record, they never know how the record will BE accepted, which what every artist truly desires when it comes to their 1st official single.  An artist can’t determine how successful the record will BE, their fans are responsible for creating that magic. Not knowing if “Racks”  would BE the hit that would put YC on as an artist; he still put a tremendous amount of effort in this record…and just look at results.

For those that don’t know what a rack is, YC explains,  “…a rack is a thousand dollars.  Ten one hundred dollar bills are a rack.”  YC came up with the idea for the song based off today and the current time period we are living in.  Everyone today is trying to “get money” so the song is appropriate for today’s youth.  For YC, everyday is work work work.   His short-term goal is to BE one of the hottest artists out in the game today.  When asked about any other music projects that he had coming up, YC told us he was working on a couple of mixtapes.  He  also just shot a video for “Racks” in Atlanta.  When his first mixtape drops, hosted by DJ Greg Street, he plans to shoot a video for every song on that mixtape.   Also, YC is putting more songs out so his fans will get new music from him.  When asked who the legends in the rap game are, and if he could set up a legends concert, who would BE there, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, and 2 Live Crew topped the list.

One thing YC wants his his fans to know is to “expect the unexpected but always expect entertainment”.  Follow YC on Twitter www.twitter.com/1yungchris to find out when his mixtape is dropping & what else “Mr. Racks” has going down.

[PHOTO CREDIT: Ms Rivercity & Malik Abdul (for OZONE Mag)]

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