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Slice 3_DVDPoster2Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lott Lizard Productions is proud to announce the premiere of SLICE 3, the latest installment of the horror comedy starring Comedian Pierre, actress Doris Morgado, comedian Rodney Perry and cameo appearance by Yung Joc. The Slice trilogy is the brain child of writer, producer, director, actor and CEO of Lott Lizard Productions Comedian Pierre. Slice 3 is the third installment of Pierre’s soon to BE released “horromedy” series SLICE.

SLICE 3 – The Story Continues:

After solving the gruesome Cabbagetown murders (or so they thought) Detective Derek Dubois (PierreB.A.Ps, How to Be a Player, For Da Love of Money) and his former partner Lt. Victoria Sanchez (Doris Morgado – Hall Pass, NCIS, For BEtter or Worse) are taking a much needed vacation. Sharing a cabin in the North Georgia Mountains with a hilarious cast of characters all is well until the guest start coming up missing. This is not your average “who done it” mystery so fasten your seat BElts for this mile a minute murderous joke fest. The ending will leave you on the end of your seat.

Also Starring Rodney Perry (C’mon Man, The Monique Show, Madea’s Big Happy Family) as Burnt Orange; Alpha Trivett ( Banshee) as Mr. Nixon; Diva Tyler (Identity Theft) as Shirley; Cathleen Young ( Shrink Rap) and Sacha Alexander Dzuba ( Shrink Rap, Drop Dead Diva) as the Newlyweds and introducing Rodney Oliver Banks as Lamont.

About the Director:

Founder and CEO of Atlanta based Lott Lizard Productions, Pierre is known to his many fans as “One Funny Dude” having coined the phrase “Light Skin Guys Are Making A Comeback” he went on to movie stardom with roles in BAPs, How to BE a Player, The WASH, to name a few. Finding Hollywood limited in opportunity for black actors, the D.C. raised comedic actor chose to take his career into his own hands and made Atlanta his home. Pierre opened Lott Lizard Productions in which he wrote, produced, directed and starred in the cult classic For Da Love of Money. Always willing to take a risk on the “little guy” Pierre has given many of Atlanta’s aspiring young actors and film makers the opportunity to realize their dreams.

A man of many talents, Pierre also authored a new book about his experiences in the industry called “My 100 Homies and Phonies of Hollywood.” When not writing, directing or starring in movies he’s headlining and hosting tours across the globe.

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