Yung Ralph

Cuz I

 look like money, smell like money, walk like money, even talk like money…”


Now-a-days, it’s hell or hot water if you walk into any cub without hearing those lyrics; it’s almost become a club pre-requisite, and it’s no big question as to why. Atlanta rapper Yung Ralph conceptualized the way everbody feels when they hit the club, instantly making him a hood celebrity…but was it really that simple?


Yung Ralph, also known as the “Juug Man” actually lucked up when he 1st started his career; he actually attributes the 1st knowledge of his talent to his friends. No they weren’t ghost writing for Ralph, but they were that much needed boost of confidence that most young rappers need when there’s really something to them. And as with many of our big names, Ralph didn’t initially look at himself as a rapper, but after looking up and finally listening to his peers and mentors, he definitely knew that he could do it. He never imagined he would have achieved this much success, but after grinding for 8 years, he is making more noise on the radio airways than vets that are prehistoric in the game.


“…It’s like…I was in training for 6 of those years, but I came up out the training. Now I’m in the big leagues…”


Yung Ralph’s debut hit, “Look Like Money” is a bonifide club banger that makes even the most economically drained citizen feel like he or she is on top of their game; but it’s ironic how Ralph came up with the viral hit’s concept.


“I was dead broke! I didn’t even have one dime in my pocket, so I said I look, walk, talk, smell [like money]…I ain’t never say I had money! So I wanted to come up with something that can make everybody feel good, not just the people with money…”


Humbleness and humility are primary in the qualities Yung Ralph possesses, and staying connected to the fans is focal in Ralph’s rise to the top. Coined infamously as the “Showcase King”, Ralph prides himself on being a rapper that’s just like you. Ralph’s music is a pure reflection of his personality, which is why fans nationwide have picked up to the mellow flowed rapper, who’s techniques have been compared not only to native artists like Shawty Lo and TI, but to other legendary artists like NOTORIOUS B.I.G.


Make sure you look for Ralph’s debut album dropping real soon, but until then, hit him on his myspace:

(“About a Chick” Video)

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