Ziggy The Rockstar- “Just BEing Ziggy”

BE MAG:  Can you descriBE ” Ziggy the Rockstar” to us?

Ziggy: Well one day when my cousin was working with another artist, I walked into the studio. I was about 10 years old then and I remember him saying “Hey Ziggy come sing this for me”. So i did, and it blew his mind! He was like “Man Zig you sound good man” . So from there came Ziggy “the star” also back then i use to spray my Mohawk different colors.   When i did the color green to my hair that’s when I really became that “rockstar” persona and there you have the birth of Ziggy the Rockstar I also use to listen to a lot of Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley too so it comes from there as well. I’m definitely more than just a music artist though, Im a dancer and I’ve done television and movies as well.

BE MAG: How does it feel to BE with Soulja Boy’s SODMG laBEl?   

Ziggy: It feels good ! It like a dream come true man. Shout out to Soulja Boy! People have alot to say about him but he is on his game and very about his business man. He doesn’t just do music, he has his hands in so much more. Being with the label really gave me a chance to branch out and get more expose than just local Atlanta area you know and I’m grateful for that.

BE MAG:  The Poetic Justice mixtape? Talk to our readers about that project.

Ziggy: Well Poetic Justice is my first mixtape. It is a mixture of different genres and  hot artist that were out on radio. I did it cause I’m a big fan of certain artists and so i wanted to showcase them and redo their songs with my own twist to it. People really have took a liking to it and so i felt like i had done something good with project .

BE MAG: What message do you put into your music? What do you want people listening to it to walk away with afterwards?

Ziggy: I put a lot of messages in my music.  Ive made songs about bullying and everything else that people in today’s society go through and deal with.  I think my message really is to never give up on what you believe in and want to do. Follow your dreams you know and spread positivity in what your doing.

BE MAG: Rock out Childhood Obesity?? Tell us about that?

Ziggy: That’s my campaign. Through my songs and music i do a lot of dance tracks. I’m letting the kids know Work out and keep your health up and right. I received an award from Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed and a letter from Michelle Obama for it. So it definitely took off from there and became very big and I’m proud of the work I’ve done with it.

BE MAG: What is your formula to success in this industry? Its can be very up at one moment and down in an instant, so what advice do you offer folks?

Ziggy: The industry can be easy if you really pour your heart into what your craft is. You have to surround yourself with good people and you have to put God first man honestly. The music isnt easy to get into its hard for alot of folks to really break in and be successful. You should try to do more than just music if possible just so you give yourslef other avenues as well Thats what i did. I model and dance as well as sing and perform so that really helped me break into it.    

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