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Fashion, Fun, and Food, this is what took place during Celebrity Stylist Zoe Dupree’s SaturdayStyleSchool on 1.11.2014. Through months of planning and networking, Celebrity Stylist, Zoe Dupree, put together a great event held at The Hookah Spot in Columbia, South Carolina. Delicious baked good, fresh juices & fruits, and healthy freshly blended smoothies were provided for the event.  31 aspiring designers, stylists, models, and photographers came out to gain insight into the world of fashion. The workshop started with a brief slow down period where all the guests could talk and get to know each other while soothing music was played by DJ IceyE. Once the event got started the host of the event, Mr. Tyler Holloway of Grays Associate PR Firm, introduced the man of the hour, Zoe Dupree.

Mr. Dupree started with an introduction of himself, and what made him choose to work in the fashion industry.  “I could never imagine myself working in someone else’s office so I chose to make a career out of what I love and became my own boss,” said Mr. Dupree. Following his introduction there was a question and answer period for Mr. Dupree. After which, attendants were blessed with the presence of T. Shanelle (Celebrity Designer, Fantasia’s Stylist) and Sergio Hudson (Celebrity Designer, Winner of Rihanna’s Styled to Rock). They both went one at a time giving great advice to the participants. “Know your worth as a designer” is one piece of advice that was given to the participants by T. Shanell.  While Sergio said “Wholesale is where it’s at, Aspire to have your designs in stores.” After some final words from Mr. Hudson the participants were surprised with a photo challenge at a nearby photography studio.

Mr. Santanna Hayes of Santanna Photography was awaiting the participants at his studio ready to BEgin the challenges. They were broken into groups of 6 and all given models to style while DJ Traww occupied bustle time with music. The groups put together amazing looks and all did great jobs but only one team could win. The overall winner was the team of Ms. Vanessa Blanding (@VollyWood). Her and her team won the chance to style alongside Zoe Dupree along with pull and send pieces to BEnze Lohan (Bad Girls Club) Model/Reality TV Star, and Don BEnjamin (America’s Next Top Model) Model/Reality TV Star.  All Participants returned to the Hookah Spot where they were surprised with a Skype session with Ms. BEnze Lohan. Many of the participants asked questions and exchanged contact information with Ms. Lohan after she announced she was looking for a new stylist.

Interview with Zoe Dupree: DSC_1877

JY: What made you decide to do this Style School?
ZP: I felt like I had to learn the ins and outs of this industry by myself. So I wanted to be that person to give wisdom to those wanting to be in the industry so that they don’t make the simple mistakes like I did.

JY: Is this the first Style School you have done?
ZD: No, it is actually my 5th. My first one was here in Columbia, Sc. My 2nd and 3rd ones were in Philadelphia. My 4th was in New Jersey. Of course my 5th was here in Columbia, SC. My 6th is in Vegas on the 18th.

JY: Do you prefer “Styling” for large scale events or everyday moments?
ZD: I like the feeling and experience of big event but it’s the everyday clients that bring in the real money.

JY: How does it feel being from Philly living in Columbia now?
ZD: The only difference is the speed. Things in South Carolina are much slower than Philly.

JY: Who was your first client and do you still style her?
ZD: My first celebrity client was Lil Mo, and my last time styling her was for the R&B Divas. But I still keep in contact with her very often.

JY: Have you ever heard of or worked with BE Magazine BEfore?
ZD: I haven’t worked with you all BEfore but my fraternity brother is Quente’sential Jackson of BE Magazine.

JY: Well thank you for sitting down and giving me some insight to who Zoe Dupree is. Do you have any questions for me?
ZD: No, I just hope I can work with BE Magazine more in the future.

The event went over well and Mr. Dupree’s mission of sharing his journey with aspiring creative minds was indeed met. BE on the look out as South Carolina truly has talented individuals and they are fighting hard to make it known. 

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    I wish I was there. Sergio is awesome. I also wouldn’t mind working with Zoe Dupree.

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    I must attend the one in vegas on the 18th.

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